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Frequently Asked Questions...

​What does the program cost?
Each show has a registration fee and a lead fee, for those casted as a lead.  Additionally, parents purchase the costumes for their children and buy tickets to the show.  Registration and lead fees for each show can be found on the rehearsal flyer.  Show Tickets are $8 - $10 and costume costs can vary depending on your child’s role. Registration fees are due the first week and lead fees are due the week your child is casted in a lead.  Payment plans are accepted for registration fees.

What supplies do they need?
All lead cast members are given a script. They need a 3-ring binder, a pencil and highlighter.

Do all children get cast?  
All children participate in ensemble and some children are casted in a lead role.  On the registration forms, your child is asked to identify three lead roles they would like to audition for.  They can increase their opportunity to be selected for a lead role by marking the option “I will accept any role given to me (including ensemble)”.  Keep in mind Directors and staff are looking for the “best fit” for the role and cast children where their talent will most shine.

My child didn’t get the role they wanted
Posting the cast list always causes a lot of excitement.  Whether your child got their “dream” role, a role they didn’t expect or ensemble; know that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into the cast list.  Help prepare your child ahead of time by talking with them on how they might handle their disappointment in not getting the role they wanted, accepting a “dream role” with grace, offering congratulations to those that received the role and embracing the role they were casted. 

What are the parent volunteer requirements?
WAP keeps its costs low because of parents, like you, volunteering to make the show successful.  

All Cast Members: 
Show Shift:  1 Parent (responsible adult) for each cast member is required to volunteer for one “show shift”. 

Jobs include: Ushering; Concessions Booth; Stage Crew OR Line Leaders.  
Concession Item: Each Cast Member is responsible for donating an item for the Concession Booth.  
Show Strike (MPR Clean-up/ Load Sets/Props): Each cast member and 1 parent (responsible adult) must stay after the last show and help put chair away, sweep the MPR and load all the sets and props into the trucks. 

Leads Only: 
-Load In: All leads are required to help load the sets and props from the local storage into trucks and then unload the sets and props at Stacey Middle School- MPR.  This is an all lead activity and ends when all sets and props have been brought into the MPR.  Leads 3rd grade and lower can send an adult INSTEAD of attending themselves; leads 4th grade and older are required to attend AND bring one parent (responsible adult).  The more volunteers who can carry and load item, the quicker this goes. 
-Strike:  In addition to the general All Cast Strike; leads are required to follow the sets and props from the Stacey MPR to the local storage facility and unload the set and props into the storage unit.  Leads 3rd grade a lower can send an adult INSTEAD of attending themselves; leads 4th grade and older are required to attend AND bring one parent (responsible adult).    The more volunteers who can carry and load item, the quicker this goes.

Where do I buy the costume?
During the parent costume meeting, the staff will review with you the costume requirements.  Often items can be purchased through the following local shops: 

-Goodwill on Westminster Blvd (vintage, one of piece items)

-Sara Jane Dickies Store (good for plain basics and underdress)
      Address: 6967 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
-Amazon – with Prime shipping

Where do you find jazz shoes and tights?
Dance Threadz
16481 Springdale Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Specific tights and specific jazz shoes have been pre-selected by the staff for your performers. Just say you are with West Arts Productions and Dance Threadz will pull what you need.

What is Tech Week? 
This is the week we ‘put it all together’; lights, sound and stage sets.  Your child will practice everything they have learned with our lighting and sound technicians.  This is a week of long days and planning is the key to a successful tech week.  (Refer to Tech Week hand out for full information)