Keeping the arts alive in our community!!

We produce high quality productions and train participants in singing, acting and dancing, while at the same time building strong family and community relationships. We welcome participants of all backgrounds, abilities, and levels of experience. We are pleased and proud to be able to showcase students from all schools in the Orange County area.  Our productions are a result of many months of hard work and determination on the part of these young students. Many began with no previous theatre experience. Throughout the rehearsal process, each cast member will grow in confidence and ability. You are sure to be amazed by their talents and enthusiasm. We aim to keep the arts alive for the young and the young at heart.

There are many items that we can always use and some that we need a little help with. Anything donated saves us money in our budget for the program and especially for the kids.

Here at West Arts Productions our goal is to keep the performing arts alive in our community!

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